April 2012

SNOPA: Bill to Protect Facebook Privacy Introduced in Congress

April 29th 2012

A bill to protect privacy on social networks such as Facebook has been introduced in Congress. Here’s a serious reality check on why smart employers should keep well away from their staff’s social grid.

Want to See an Awesome App? (Congrats to ISITE on a big launch!)

April 26th 2012

The last 24 hours has been awesome ball soup cool.  It all started with the launch of Columbia sportswear’s very cool Portable Activity Log app. This free app builds on Columbia’s customers’ passion for adventure, by giving them and everyone else who joins in a free tool to collect and share news of your adventures. […]

No Bubble Here: Pulitzer Prizes Show Social Media is Core to Newsroom

April 18th 2012

I’ve been hearing the words “social bubble” a lot this week, even as Huffington Post and Politico become the first blogs to win Pulitzers. That’s a chance to reconsider what a bubble really is – and why if anything I think the mature use of social media is still a rare and hot commodity.

Pursue Growth and Learning: Teaching Digital Marketing at Northeastern University

April 16th 2012

Its finally happened, this week I started teaching a graduate course in Digital Marketing that I’ve been working on with Northeastern University on over the last year. Come get the details on the start of this new adventure.

Get Bitter, A Productive Kind of Bitter

April 11th 2012

You can follow your bliss, or your dissatisfaction. Turns out they may both get you somewhere better. Here’s the best fortune cookie you may read all day.

Free Webinar: How to Make Mobile Development Future Friendly

April 9th 2012

Get an hour of mobile strategy and development insight from the guy I am fortunate to go to for advice, Gene Ehrbar. You’ll get a great view of how responsive design can keep your digital marketing “Future Friendly” even as delivery devices continue to proliferate.

Bridging the Gap: Building Careers in Digital Marketing

April 6th 2012

I’m posting a copy of today’s sold out Bridging the Digital Gap presentation, and I’m sending a new invitation for you to join Gene Ehrbar for a free webinar on Responsive Deisgn. This is a key approach to make your website “future proof” and a leader in mobile marketing. More smart stuff, free for the interested.

Educating the First Wave of Trained Digital Strategy Leads

April 1st 2012

To know the future of digital marketing, it helps to spend time with the next generation’s talent. That’s why I’m at three universities in the next week, to share and learn from the first cohort of trained digital managers. Here’s what I’ve seen.