June 2012

Amanda Palmer Won’t Settle for Less. Monitizing engagement is just the start.

June 24th 2012

Amanda Palmer’s Kickstarter triumph is awesome-ball cool, but it’s just the start. The real magic is what you can do with a business model based on fan love.

Join Me Online Tuesday for the Mobile Marketing Crash Course

June 22nd 2012

The Online Marketing Institute challenged me to put together the ultimate Crash Course for charting your course for mobile webistes and mobile applications. Join us for the fastest deep dive on mobile marketing anywhere.

E Pluribus Prius: The Inscrutible Toyota People Person

June 14th 2012

While its not the creepiest of TV ads, this 2011 Toyota Prius ad gets weird enough be noticed. Karolina Szynal asks if this is a creative way to break through the clutter – or a perplexing nightmare of an off brand experience?

Join Me for Advertising & Customer Experience Marketing Webinar

June 10th 2012

The Brand Whose Customers Tell the Best Stories Wins – increasingly what brands say about themselves carries less influence than their customers. Come join me for a webinar that helps marketers think beyond awareness to earning preference and referrals by putting everything you do inside the frame of customer experience.

LinkedIn’s Bad Week: 6.5m Hacked Passwords, And Caught Sucking In Your Private Data

June 6th 2012

Linked In confirms that potentially millions of its passwords have been compromised – and this comes just a day after they were discovered to be sneaking data from mobile users may fall on the wrong site of privacy rules. Here’s what you need to do right now to protect your data and perhaps your identity.