May 2011

The Most Powerful Words in Marketing: I Am NOT the Target Market

May 31st 2011

Sometimes “not getting it” is the exactly right viewer experience for those who are “out of segment”. Witness Axe body spray, Friskies iPad app for cats, and the wisdom of Phil Johnson.

Are QR Codes Over-Hyped Digital Bridges to Nowhere?

May 25th 2011

QR codes have inspired jubilant experimentation, and huge enthusiasm from marketers. But they’re far over hyped, and they’re starting to look like transitional medium. Here’s why.

Klout Score’s Anti Rapture: Scores Suddenly Drop to Hell

May 23rd 2011

The Tweeting world woke up today to find that many Klout scores have dropped, in some cases to nearly nothing. Regardless of the cause, this is a huge screw-up for Klout, because it raises a question among its believers, “What does Klout Score measure anyway?”

How Local and Mobile Amplify Social Media: Bentley CMT’s Flash Conference

May 20th 2011

For this week’s “Follow Friday” post, I’d like to introduce friends from Bentley College’s Center for Marketing Technology who stood-up a fantastic conference on local marketing last week.

New York Announces Digital Roadmap. Will Massachusetts Lead, Follow or Abdicate?

May 17th 2011

Tonight, a few of us here in Massachusetts are having a discussion about what industry and government groups can do to Fuel Massachusett’s Digital Economy. As New York kicked off their plan to be the World’s leading digital city yesterday, its time to ask what role Boston and Massachusetts aspire to in the digital economy.

The Second Newspaper Is an Idea Whose Time Has Come Again

May 16th 2011

As the journalism business becomes fixated on hyper local coverage, the value of a “second paper” has never been greater. I’d like to tell you about three of my favorite global second papers: The Christian Science Monitor, the Epoch Times and GlobalPost.

The End of the Ballmer Era & Did You Know the Feds Are on Your Phone?

May 13th 2011

On Fridays I like to share news of topics and people you might want to keep an eye on. Ben Brooks’ post lays what ails Microsoft at the feet of CEO, Steve Ballmer. And my “other” local paper, the Boston Herald, makes a fuss over a federal messaging chip that will be working in all new US mobile phones by April.

Making Sense of Microsoft’s $8.5 Billion Skype Phone Bill

May 12th 2011

Last night I was with Microsoft Online Services President, Qi Lu, who shared Microsoft’s view of the web’s future. Microsoft’s Skype purchases fits within a set of strategic themes that reflect how Microsoft sees its self and the digital landscape.

Witness Lebron James, Betty White, and More Bad Advertising at the Airport

May 10th 2011

Airports are like islands of bad advertising. Lebron James, who happens to be playing against my hometown Celtics this week is the subject of some unusual airport advertising in Cleveland.

Beyond Advertising: Facebook For Peace Meets Julia Ward Howe

May 8th 2011

As some on the net bemoan that “the best minds of our generation are thinking about how to make people click on Facebook ads”, I’d invite you to question the premise. Perhaps the best minds are using ideas to change the World, and those who specialize at monetizing the the medium are just their elite infrastructure.