June 2011

Quotes and Photos from Keynoting The Future of Digital Marketing in London

June 23rd 2011

What’s the future of digital marketing? Get a taste of the discussion from my presentation on the era of mobile and application marketing last week in London.

Live From London: The Future of Digital Marketing – Mobile Marketing Data

June 15th 2011

Imaging writing a blog like this about the Future of Digital Marketing, and then discovering that hundreds of the best brand marketers in Europe are getting together for a conference with that exact title. So, this week I’m in London visiting with agencies and brands about the future of their digital businesses. Thanks to everyone […]

QR Codes and Giant Rats: My Article in AdAge Stirs Debate & Approval

June 9th 2011

My article in this week’s Advertising Age takes on the over-use of QR-codes in advertising — and suggests that sometimes giant stuffed rats just work better than QR codes.

Periodic Table of SEO Ranking Factors

June 7th 2011

Here’s a good rubric for thinking about Search Engine ranking factors. You can download it right here. Of course, it wraps SEO with a patina of science which seems so much more certain than the Spy vs. Spy game that competitive can become. But its also a great example of how an infographic can build both brand and in-links.

Mobile App Strategy: Two Great Videos for Marketing Technology Leaders

June 3rd 2011

Bill Allison from UC Berkley and Joe Hayashi teaching at Stanford both discuss how to create and manage mobile applications. Good insights for your digital businesses.