April 2011

UsefulArts Friends, Come to An Event & Get a Deal

April 27th 2011

I’ll be speaking at some conferences, and I have some discounts and bribes to help get you there. And, if you’re a Foursquare user, here’s a link so we can follow each others’ travels.

On the Road Again; Digital Clarity in High Demand

April 26th 2011

There’s a premium on setting digital marketing priorities, because digital media is fragmented in a way that’s different from even five years ago. More than ever, digital strategy and business strategy need to be spot-on.

China’s View of the Net Shifts as it Seeks to Protect its Bubble of Prosperity

April 23rd 2011

The Jasmine revolution has spooked authorities in China, who now see the Net as able to incubate and spread revolution. Even just the worry of instability in China is relevant to economies around the world.

Are You Ready for the US Government as the Arbiter of Trust and Privacy?

April 22nd 2011

Not all nations spy on their people without court orders, but the Washington does. In in my mind, this excludes them from the privacy and trust business. And there are good reasons to be skeptical of Washington’s new approach to national online identity management.

Jesse Jackson Jr.’s Hypocrisy and Digital Marketing’s Naivete

April 19th 2011

Before Jesse Jackson Jr. blamed unemployment on the iPad, he proposed a constitutional amendment to give an iPod and laptop to every student in the US. Digital marketers, meet your future regulator.

Mobile Computing Meets Your Car

April 18th 2011

The race is on. Apps, tablets, and new devices are being built in to cars at supersonic speed by automakers. Mobile is also driving changes to the experience of buying and owning automobiles – and through interoperability, even how we use them.

Are You a Twitter “Sales Insurrectionist”? Here Are Three Who Remade Sales in 140 Characters

April 15th 2011

Here are three super short stories of self-empowered sales pioneers. They brought somewhat unsuspecting brands in to their own real-time sales channel. “Surprise, we’re getting sales through Twitter!”

Speaking on the Future of Digital Marketing in Cleveland, New York & London

April 12th 2011

Can you come out and play? I’ll be in Cleveland, back for more in NYC, and heading to London. Plans are already in the works for meet ups — and whether digitally or in-person I want you in on the escapades which follow.

The Best Social Media Policy Guidelines May Be From Oz

April 7th 2011

If anyone can get social media policy right, it will be the Australians. The Australian state of Victoria may have set a new gold standard for rolling out a social media policy. Take a look.

Good Morning New York…Ramp Up Your Digital IQ Tonight!

April 5th 2011

Hello from New York. If you’re looking for an array of world class brand managers, publishers, and advertisers, this is a great place to start. Tonight’s the Digital IQ program, so if you’re digital and in the Financial District, come jump in on the fun.