March 2011

Arnold Advertising Welcomes Modernista! Talent (en masse)

March 31st 2011

Let the digital marketing talent wars begin! A busload of digital advertising leaders from Modernista! have just arrived for their new jobs at Arnold Advertising.

How Mobile Shopping is Reinventing the Shopping Experience

March 28th 2011

Mobile commerce is erasing the line between online and in-person shopping. Dave Wieneke provides a look at this market’s growth and ways retailers are building their mcommerce future.

Moving On…New Digital Adventures Ahead

March 25th 2011

One of the things I love about the digital space is its requirement for change and innovation. I’m writing to share some news which is more about my future than the posts you’d normally find here about the future of digital marketing. I’m moving on from Sokolove Law and my job there as its director of digital marketing.

Lay Off the SEO Google Juice – Or Get an Ear Full of Cider

March 21st 2011

Its time for firms to lay off tricks that generate SEO Google Juice. This shouldn’t be a shock, if guys who rent servers for $3/month know a trick, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Google’s 20,000 or so staff can figure it out too.

Why Google Can’t Mix Matter and Anti-Matter: Keeping Organic Results Pure

March 14th 2011

Google is in both the Rankings and Advertising business. That’s a problem because while both these activities shape opinion, they do so in mutually eroding ways.

Talking Web 3.0 on Revenue Marketer Radio

March 12th 2011

Debbie Qaqish, is among the very best lead management and demand generation strategists. She was also my host on WRMR’s Revenue Marketer radio show. You can listen to an on-demand recording of our talk about how Web 3.0 marketing is helping firms generate new business.

Tablets Change User Experience: Did You Just Bring Your iPad to Bed with You?

March 10th 2011

Just as the browser obsoleted AOL’s walled garden of content, the application experience is replacing the web page. And its about time…

Raven Tools Interview: Dave Wieneke on The Future of Digital Marketing

March 8th 2011

Raven Tools has one of the smartest blogs in the business, and I was delighted to be featured on it as part of their Social Media Week coverage. I hope you’ll enjoy their post, and some of the other social media and SEO voices you’ll find there.

China Paints Social Media and Arab Revolution as Info-Opium Trade From the West

March 6th 2011

A story arc is growing in China that Google is not just a search engine tool — it is a tool to extend American hegemony…and that the influence of social media in recent Arab revolutions just proves that point. The story, now on 300 party sites, paints online media from the West is a tool for Western domination no less than opium trade.

Social Media Outsourcing: Don’t Turn Your Life into a Frasier Episode

March 3rd 2011

Four social media voices explain where they draw the line on ghost writing and social media outsourcing. Where do you draw the line between authenticity, posing, and deception?