Follow Friday: James Gardner for insight and authentic good ideas

Let’s face it, our friends are a pretty big redemptive part of everything we do. 

Whether real world neighbors or relationships built on digital interactions, especially on social media its our friends who make these channels, well, social.

That’s why I suggest you get to know James A. Gardner: he’s a marketer’s marketer who shares genuine, useful views of what he’s up to – and he’ll welcome your ideas. James is also an arctic adventure paddler, and though you’ll find little of this online today, stay tuned as I believe some coverage is soon to emerge.

James is showing up in a lot of places this month:





People come to James because he’s a credible source.
He’s been the guy on the front line, as a former VP of Marketng for an emerging tech company, and on tours of duty with McKinsey and Prctor & Gamble.  He’s run major accounts for a digital agency, and positions my firm’s clients for success working with Connective DX.

Smart, genuine and friendly are good attributes in any medium.
I have the advantage of sharing a workspace with James, you can get the benefit of his insights and input via Twitter, LinkedIn, or scheduling an agency visit at our offices in Boston or Portland.

Beer-frienndly is good too
We’re near fresh beer at either location, so let’s plan a visit – seriously, first round’s on us. ;>


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