#Follow Friday

Follow Friday: James Gardner for insight and authentic good ideas

October 23rd 2015

Friday’s a great day for a cool person alert. Meet my long-time friend and colleague, James A Gardner, who rocks social media because he’s very much the same way there as in real life. Arctic adverturer, manderian marketer and helpful accessbile guy – he’s good to know in any medium.

No Slow Down in Hiring Digital Marketing Leadership Jobs

July 24th 2011

Boston is to be one of the hottest digital cities anywhere. Check these great job opportunities, and digital pros who are taking on their next big thing.

How Local and Mobile Amplify Social Media: Bentley CMT’s Flash Conference

May 20th 2011

For this week’s “Follow Friday” post, I’d like to introduce friends from Bentley College’s Center for Marketing Technology who stood-up a fantastic conference on local marketing last week.

F-You, Pay Me! How’s that for a #FollowFriday Theme?

May 6th 2011

What happens when we the “free” knowledge economy gets down to the personal level? Free economy or not, you still want to get paid right?

This week’s Follow Friday post highlights four agencies with points of view on this, and my own, which abbreviated is: SWSWSW-N.