UsefulArts is Back from July Vacation

I took about 10 days off from blogging, and I noticed a few things changed in my life.  First up was vacation, both for me and the fantastic copyeditor who is the first reader of most this blog’s posts.  This was also a chance to start work on some related web projects that I’ll share with you just as soon as they’re ready for human eyes.

There was definitely more time for running in the mornings, and I put more in to the blog’s Twitter feed. If you haven’t checked out the usefularts twitter feed, please take a look.  It’s another way to visit about what interests you and find interesting topics that aren’t quite right for a full UsefulArts blog post:

There is always more I’d like to write about, and too  little time.  As in life; so in blog.  I appreciate your emails, and expect to be answering some starting tomorrow.  There’s a ton happening in digital marketing and the law, and I’m working on some events and new tools I hope you’ll find useful.

As always, thanks for encouraging my behavior.

All the best,
Dave Wieneke

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