Dave Wieneke likes Marketo Interactive Marketing Platform

See video: Dave Wieneke likes what he’s seen of MarketoEditor’s note: this post isn’t about the web and law – but it’s of interest to anyone trying to gain high-value customers online, which certainly includes some lawyers.

I’m excited about the capabilities of a Bay Area start-up firm called Marketo. I became one of their early customers last year, and was complimented to have some comments about them included as a video testimonial. Its a little off-topic from how law and politics shape the web — but services like this will define how marketers use the web to engage prospects, and how companies invest in it for marketing.

In brief, the service connects email, web tracking, and your prospect database together to automatically score, nurture, and respond to prospect activity. Since it’s a new service that I use almost every day, I wanted to give it a tip of the hat, and let you know about it.

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