Connective DX’s HDX-15 Report wins healthcare marketing Gold Award

Its rare for agencies to win awards from the industries they market to. But in the spirit this blog, the marketing team at Connective DX has been recognized for our research and advocacy to help make hospital digital tools more useful to everyone who depends on them.

Earlier this year, we published an updated Hospital Digital Index (HDX-15) report that identifies what the top fifteen US hospital systems are doing to build better digital patient experiences. Numerous digital leaders from gave us advice, and helped validate our efforts to quantify the qualitative improvements to hospital websites and mobile apps.

The input from great health systems was invaluable. And pairing that with the effort of talented colleagues resulted in a great usability catalog for healthcare marketers. The team who brought this to life was: Jeff Cram, James Gardner, Carmen Hill, Patrick Craig, Laura Brown and Nathan Bowser.

A year and a half in to this journey, we’re all grateful to eHealthcare Strategy and Trends for this recognition, and to be included with all the organizations recognized to be doing work that elevates the practice of digital healthcare and marketing.

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