July 18, 2008

Breaking! Google & American Airlines Settle Trademark Dispute Confidentially

July 18th 2008

American Airlines has privately settled its trademark suit with Google. Case number 4:07-cv-00487, in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, is history. Both companies are tight-lipped about the confidential settlement. The timing of this settlement is so close to the related Tiffany v. eBay trademark ruling that it suggests a causative […]

San Francisco City Network Held Hostage by ‘Maniacal’ Network Engineer

July 18th 2008

Terry Childs was a system administrator for the city of San Francisco’s high-speed network. According to reports, last week the disgruntled employee created a super password for the network and removed his follow administrators, effectively making himself the only person who can maintain the network. Now officials are stuck, since Mr. Childs is locked up […]

eBay Wins Decisive Victory Over Tiffany in Landmark Case

July 18th 2008

Judge Richard Sullivan’s ruling against Tiffany’s varied claims of trademark infringement is fairly absolute.  When word of the ruling reached the MIT Media Lab where I was speaking this week, the audience there was delighted. The unambiguous ruling for the right of efficient commercial speech and immunization for intermediaries who take good-faith precautions and adhere to DMCA […]