July 8, 2008

Strong-Arm Tactics Revive Yahoo Deal and Regulatory Concern

July 8th 2008

On the day Microsoft announced its plan to acquire Yahoo back in February, I posted my doubts that Microhoo would be established within a year, which was then the media and company line. While supporting Carl Icahn’s proxy fight and pressuring Yahoo’s board may get a Yahoo deal on the table, this will also underscore the anti-competitive […]

Hooah – Blawg Review Salutes Useful Arts

July 8th 2008

Jonathan Frieden celebrated July 4th by giving this week’s Blawg Review a distinctly patriotic theme. His approach,  “50 Stars of the Blawgosphere” recognizes an influential legal blog from each state, in the order it ratified the US Constitution.   Thanks to John Adams, Massachusetts and our forum is sixth in line.  I’m sure Thomas Paine had in mind persons like the […]