Update: Antigua Readies to Ignore US Copyright

Image: map of CaribbeanIn December, the World Trade Organization settled a complaint that the US blocked online gambling from Antigua while allowing domestic online gambling. The WTO took the unusual step of allowing the nation the right to violate US copyright protections of software, films, and music. 

Now Antigua and Barbuda say they’re ready to start ignoring US copyright law. However, the WTO limited their violations to just 21 million dollars, and set no mechanism for calculating or governing when “enough is enough.”

Naturally the MPAA claims that the damage of this ruling already exceeds any amount the WTO could set. Antigua seems willing to negotiate this ruling away for improved access to US gamblers. But for now, they’re the ones holding the cards, and are waiting to see if US regulators will deal, or if it’s time to ignore some copyrights. Stay tuned!!

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