Everything will be fine, unless something foreseen happens – risks and growth in the era of Covid-19

March 28th 2020

Covid-19 may both be the cause to change parts of life that have been overdue for a rethink, and the start of a Malthusian catastrophe. What big changes do you think coronavirus will cause?

The Best Digital Strategy Articles, MOOCs and Books for 2015

December 30th 2014

As we sit here hungry for the brief pause between years, here are a dozen or so great starting points for setting your digital course over the next year.

Global forces drive digital business and Amazon readies to join the travel biz

November 23rd 2014

Google reconsiders doing business in Chiga, and the EU wonders aloud about breaking Google up. Amazon readies to enter the travel biz, US TV focuses on shows that translate globally, and Netflix pursues the “old people” demographic.

Alibaba IPO Solidifies US / China Tech Duopoly

September 20th 2014

The world’s second most valuable Internet firm made its market debut yesterday. The ten most valuable tech companies are now close to evenly split between the US and China, setting up a possible duopoly between the business ecosystems in the two countries.

News Three Count: The End of America as the Internet’s “Mac Daddy”

March 16th 2014

Taken together, this week’s news shows how the Internet is moving toward a more international “multi-pole” system of of influence, rather than the “America in the Middle” arrangement that has been its history to date.

Digital China heats up as Alibaba Takes Stake in Weibo Owner Sina

April 30th 2013

Yesterday, Alibaba purchased a share of Weibo’s owner Sina – in what could be the opening to the year’s largest digital IPO.

China’s View of the Net Shifts as it Seeks to Protect its Bubble of Prosperity

April 23rd 2011

The Jasmine revolution has spooked authorities in China, who now see the Net as able to incubate and spread revolution. Even just the worry of instability in China is relevant to economies around the world.

China Paints Social Media and Arab Revolution as Info-Opium Trade From the West

March 6th 2011

A story arc is growing in China that Google is not just a search engine tool — it is a tool to extend American hegemony…and that the influence of social media in recent Arab revolutions just proves that point. The story, now on 300 party sites, paints online media from the West is a tool for Western domination no less than opium trade.

China Prevents All Individuals from Registering “.cn” Domain Names: Yikes!

December 28th 2009

What will they know of China, who only “.cn” know? The Associated Press reports that China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has posted requirements that all “.cn” china domains be issued only to registered businesses. AP’s coverage also says that any sites that have not registered with the ministry will be “taken off the […]

Does Your Life Need a Bail Out? Put the Net in Charge!

March 10th 2009

“It’s your right to arrange Chen Xiao’s life, and it’s my obligation to serve you…”. Chen Xiao has had a tough year. Blizzards covered her home town in China, her area was devastated by an earthquake.  Her best friends divorced and her clothing store failed. What’s an entrepreneur to do?  Rent your life to the […]