Get 25% off on Rutgers Mini MBA in Customer Centered Management

In just over a month, I’ll be co-teaching a mini MBA program on Customer Centered Management at Rutgers Business School.

I’ve had two client organizations send staff to this program….and why wouldn’t they with co instructors like these:

  • Stan Phelps, who I know from the Delight Conference. He’s also an IBM futurist and an author and speaker on Marketing.
  • Bob Azman, Board Chair Customer Experience Professionals Association, and VP of Traveler Experience Carson Wagonlit
  • Chris Avore, Design Leadership author with Rosenfeld Media, Transformation Advisor with InVision. He’s former head of UX at Nasdaq.
  • Dr. Ashwani Monga, the most recent Chair of Rutgers Marketing Department, and now is Vice Dean of Academic Programs and Innovations.
  • Tim Peter, Digital Strategy and Enterprise Digital Transformation, formerly with The Conference Board
  • Jim Kalbach, author of Mapping Experiences and Design Web Navigation by O’Reilly Press and head of CX at Mural, the online whiteboard company.
  • Dr. Patrick Michael Plummer, Assistant Professor, Management, Penn State
  • Ronnie Battista, XD Practice Director, Slalom Consulting

For the first time, our clients and blog readers like you can register and save 25% on this course. 
Just use the code CCM25 in registration
, or tell them you know me.

Learn more:

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