Ads by Enterprise, Comcast and MBTA show disregard for customers

Advertising is a merging of customer experience, public relations, and art. But rather than ennobling clients, these brands have ads that suggest their clients are perhaps a bit lacking.

Our clients are sub-standard, so is our reward program
Enterprise’s customer experience is a one I hold up as an example at conferences on service design, but their ad department really missed it here. Why tell customers they don’t rent like VIPs as part of promoting your loyalty program?

Who’d want to be let in to a “VIP” program that let’s everyone in. This just brings to live the famous W.C. Fields quote, “I’d never join a club who’d want have someone like me as a member.”

Comcast has an icky view of customers
Comcast, voted the Worst Company in America by Consumerist four years running, shares a view of its customers which is downright icky. How could an entertainment company become so reviled?

It looks like Comcast thinks of its home customers about the same way Soylent Green thinks of its ingredients. ;>

Hey Comcast, eyeballs are attached to people.

Boston’s Mass Transit Authority Simply Isn’t Keen on the Masses

is the public agency that runs public transit in Greater Boston. Unlike other places that go in for regional branding, or who connect public transit with environmental values, the MBTA seems to be using aggrievement as the core of its customer messaging.

Ads that compare clients to insects rarely go well

Its all your fault.
Its as if these two sentences aren’t aware of each other.


 Assault laws apply to everyone, why not just say that?

Its not just a public service, its also a cushy job.

 Promising value, providing clarity, showing gratitude – these are three pretty good themes for any ad customers will see. So, to that end — thanks for checking these out.

Are there ads you see that diminish customers or just drive you mad? Let me know, it might inspire improvement — or a grin.

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