February 2013

MBTA Advertising Mixes Disdain and Disregard

February 27th 2013

As the MBTA approaches an important political season, its Courtesy Critter campaign and other communications shows tone deafness when it comes to talking with customers as peers. Is this really how the Athens of America talks to its self?

Best job ever? Usability Testing Bartender

February 21st 2013

I’ve seen the future of usability; it has a buzz on. Watch this funny video and grasp the genius of testing users under the influence. See why I want to be your bartender of usability testing.

Digital Marketing Masterclass 2013: Join In For a Night

February 18th 2013

This April through June some of the smartest digital marketers in Boston will be headed to Northeastern University to lecture and learn at master seminar on digital business. Here’s the line up of topics, and your invitation to join in.

Maker’s Mark Learns a Lesson on Being a Fact-Based Marketer

February 14th 2013

This week Maker’s Mark announced they’d respond to a shortage of their premium whiskey by watering it down. Though I like my bourbon with water, here’s why Maker’s Mark might not.

Plow Me: Its Uber for Snow Removal

February 9th 2013

Hold the phone – the Internet has delivered another slug of civilized goodness: Plow Me. The best web apps change service model design, here’s how Plow Me sets out to do just that.

Twitter Buys TV Social Analyltics Firm as Second Screen Viewing Wins Super Bowl

February 6th 2013

Second screen viewers crashed the websites of Super Bowl advertisers and accounted for 3% of viewership of the event. Klout score may rank your use of Twitter, but thanks to its purchase of Bluefin Labs, Twitter will be able to rate the impact of broadcast media and global events among its users.

Super Bowl Ads That Missed and How They Could Have Flown Higher

February 3rd 2013

Bowl advertising is a tough mix to get right. Here are a few ads that I believe could have done better, and some ideas of how some different choices might have flown higher.

Four Super Bowl Ads That Sell With Great Viewer Experiences

February 3rd 2013

Along the way to building brands and inspiring purchases, great ads can also propagate joy, mystery and wonder. That’s no small task, considering you have to grab an audience’s during the spectacle of the Super Bowl. Here are four I’d offer rise to the top.