Customer Experience Marketing: The Advantage of Preference

In the last several years the shift of power to consumers has accelerated.

Customers have ubiquitous access to information, competing offers, and research shows their ability to make media now control’s more touch points in many purchase decisions that advertisers and brands themselves.

This is a freedom they’ve earned by purchasing digital tools which amplify their authority relationships. And they have the power to shift the terms of engagement with firms. They’ve migrated to mobile media, identified themselves with social networks, and in an increasing pattern are decreasing their contact with corporate websites and sales teams.

And while this may disrupt some static business models, it carries huge good news. Agile businesses can earn greater proximity to customers. Anyone can make a usable product. In this new relationship economy what matters is creating products that matter to customers – and that means focusing on the total customer experience.

For those of you who are digital marketers, your experience with data driven insights, creative brand expression, and marketing to serve rather than sell is the foundation to this corporate shift. Here are examples of the tools and patterns that adaptive firms are using to cross the chasm and join customers on their own terms.

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