Twtter Hashtags Stopped Working? Tweets Not Appearing in Search?

homerHelp, I’m a Twitter Fail Whale!
I’m one of the few live bloggers at the International Trademark Association’s annual meeting, but you wouldn’t know that if you were an attendee.  My posts haven’t been entering the show’s tweet stream, and it turns out that my account doesn’t appear in Twitter search.  This is a drag, because I’ve been trying to share news and local resources with people who mostly can’t see me (though when my friends retweet my tweets, those are visible).

Sounds like Twitter hell, right?  Here’s the story.

Before the conference I cleared out inactive people on my follow and followers list.  Apparently, using a mass unfollow tool may put my account on the wrong side of Twitter’s use guidelines.

If you’re ever in the same boat, you can avoid having to wade through help pages by remembering this post or link. Twitter has a help page if your hashtags aren’t working.

Do you have this problem?
First, test to see if you have this problem.

Do a “FROM:your_twittername” search, like this. Click this link, and in the twitter search input box, replace the name “usefulars” with your Twitter name (no spaces).

If you see “No results found,” then bingo, you’vebeen banned by Twitter!

Getting “unbanned” so your posts can be seen.

  1. Open a Twitter trouble ticket by “Submitting a Help Request here.” Say that your reason is: “Can’t find myself in search.”
  2. Send a polite tweet to @twitter by tweeting this text (with YOUR ticket number where indicated): @twitter I’m being filtered out of search. My ticket number is #____. Thanks!

4 Responses to "Twtter Hashtags Stopped Working? Tweets Not Appearing in Search?"

  • @FakeZodiac

    October 19, 2010

    Thanks for the great advice. I was guilty of follower churn, but after following your steps my tweets were searchable within 24 hours. Frankly, given the number of users and conversation volume, I was impressed by such a swift response from Twitter’s support staff. The message is play nice, Twitter plays nice. Good outfit.

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  • Twitter - Hashtags

    May 4, 2012

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  • Sumit

    April 16, 2014

    If Your tweets or hashtag not find in search, Do this..
    1.Deactivate your twitter account.
    2. Wait for a minute and sign in again.
    3. Wait for hour.
    4. Tweet something and see.
    It works. B’coz I Had this problem.

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