New Presentation: How Web Experiences Build Brand Power

This Tuesday I had the challenge and opportunity to talk with a team of 20 legal marketers about how online experiences build and validate brands. It was a smart room; I’m glad to have been invited.

How Do You Make a Great Page?
Since my presentations are illustrations, you may get only the flavor of discussion. But you’ll also see some of the design and conversion tactics talked about through the presentation’s design.  This is also a big thanks to my RISD professors, fellow conference speakers, and usability pros who have shared their ideas with me over the years.

Toll Takers and Waiters: The Structure of Exchanges
There were familiar themes about putting people in front of brands.  But there was also lots of new stuff, like comparing the differences between broadcast ads and websites with toll takers and waiters.  I’d like to have said more about simplicity (the good manners of our age), and anthropology of web sites. This is the third time I’ve talked with this group, so I guess I’m already working on ideas for our next visit.  Hope you enjoy this!

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