June 3, 2008

Egypt Mulls Facebook Shutdown – Represses Online Activists

June 3rd 2008

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is considering blocking Facebook, the popular social networking site used in April to mobilize 80,000 supporters to protest rising food prices. As described in earlier postings, Facebook has been used around the world to coordinated even larger protests.  Blogger Kareem el-Beheiri, who covered and promoted the protest was imprisioned for 73 . See […]

Universal Music Argues That High Copyright Fines Are Unconstitutional

June 3rd 2008

Its kind of the opposite of, “do unto others”. When Universal Music lost an infringement case to Bridgeport Music, it did an unexpected thing. It apparently made a successful case that punitive damages tacked on to statutory damages are unconstitutional. As a plaintiff, Universal has argued in other cases for very high fines. It is, […]