June 2, 2008

New York Requires Online Stores to Start Collecting Sales Tax

June 2nd 2008

As reported back in November, the State of New York is now requiring e-commerce sites “doing business in the state” to collect sales tax. New Yorkers were previously required to pay sales tax, but previous court rulings had exempted out of state sites from being required to collect that tax, unless they had sufficient manpower […]

Viacom v. YouTube: Busting a Precedent?

June 2nd 2008

Viacom recently amended it $1 Billion lawsuit against YouTube (Google) for copyright infringement which it filed last year. Google claims that Viacom is trying to overturn precedent by making carriers and hosting providers liable for what their users post or transmit. Viacom claims it has found over 150,000 instances of copyright infringing material on YouTube, […]