Media convergence

Why This Week’s Roblox IPO Should Be of Interest, Even to Non-Gamers

March 8th 2021

Roblox should be on your radar as a force in culture, creativity, and consumerism. Its direct listing IPO, scheduled for Wednesday, shows how highly relevant companies don’t need a flood of promotional dollars to position themselves as valuable brands.

Twitter Buys TV Social Analyltics Firm as Second Screen Viewing Wins Super Bowl

February 6th 2013

Second screen viewers crashed the websites of Super Bowl advertisers and accounted for 3% of viewership of the event. Klout score may rank your use of Twitter, but thanks to its purchase of Bluefin Labs, Twitter will be able to rate the impact of broadcast media and global events among its users.

AP & Newspapers See Internet as a Threat

April 10th 2009

The Associated Press plans to go after news aggregators legally and through legislation (whatever that means) who ‘take’ AP headlines and related content. Despite the obvious arguments of Fair Use and the fact that aggregators drive traffic to AP affiliated newspapers or even to the AP itself, AP Board Chairmen Dean Singleton sees it very […]

Are 1 in 5 Teens Child Pornographers?

February 4th 2009

A teenage girl snaps a photo of herself with some or all of her clothing removed and sends it to a teenage boy. How many, if any, crimes have been committed? This is known as “sexting” among teens who text, and in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, both sender and recipient would be charged with serious child pornography […]

Knight Rider Move Over

January 14th 2009

Lexus believes it’s a good thing to speak to its customers about certain things occasionally, and that’s usually an indicator of excellent marketing. But of course, choosing the right communication channel can make all the difference. USA Today reports: [Toyota] announced Wednesday that new Lexus vehicles will start being delivered later this year with a system […]

Legal Heavy-Hitter Files Counterclaim Against RIAA

December 4th 2008

Harvard Law School professor Charles Nesson filed a counterclaim recently against the RIAA. At the heart of that filing is a challenge to the constitutionality of the RIAA’s suits against those who download music from file-sharing services. Nesson, who founded the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard, is going to bat for Joel Tenenbaum, […]