April 2013

EFF: Verizon Doesn’t Care About Your Privacy, Others Do

April 30th 2013

Dropbox and LinkedIn, I knew there was something I liked about you….Verizon and Amazon, shape-up! Get a look at who the EFF says is, and isn’t, standing up for your privacy.

Digital China heats up as Alibaba Takes Stake in Weibo Owner Sina

April 30th 2013

Yesterday, Alibaba purchased a share of Weibo’s owner Sina – in what could be the opening to the year’s largest digital IPO.

My View on Boston’s Marathon Bombings

April 28th 2013

I’m not a Boston native, so as a convert I’m that much more zealous. These are personal thoughts on the Marathon bombing and the responses that followed. Just what I’d hope you’ve come to expect from my blog.

Join me for some fun events this week in Boston and Miami

April 23rd 2013

Its an amazing work. Besides finishing a key engagement in Chicago, and starting one in Worcester – I’m out speaking and teaching in no fewer than three places this week. Please, please, please come and make this more fun. Or, horn in on some of the highlights by following along online.