November 2012

MassTLC’s Unconference: Innovators Make the Conference They Need

November 20th 2012

The agenda is 100% made by attendees. The organizers and experts are available for 1:1 meetings. Everyone gets and gives what they want. People who are passionate about innovation become a tribe, and the event is entirely what they make it be. Come inside the benevolent anarchy of Boston’s Innovation Unconference.

Please Give a Quick Vote Today for Experience Design

November 15th 2012

I’ve proposed hosting a discussion on Expererience Design which is subtitled: Customers Who Give a Damn Make Companies Win — and I’d appreciate it if you could give this a quick vote as a good idea, over here please.

Hubway: Car Free in Boston with a Bike That Has Analytics

November 11th 2012

Its been a year since I went car-free in Boston. Here are a few thoughts on that, and using Hubway bikes as a way to beat traffic and have fun too.

Finally a Creative Use of QR Codes That is Awesome-ball Cool!

November 9th 2012

You may recall that I’m a bit of a QR code skeptic. However – here’s an idea that I think lights up an amazing canvas for marketers and consumers. And since its on whiskey bottles, I’m only too eager to help you and test this out.

Sorry AdAge: Permlancing is not the new agency model

November 6th 2012

A recent Ad Age article proclaimed that freelancers are a happy and well paid lot, and that they’re a hot new trend on Madison Avenue. However, when you scratch the surface of their research, it’s clear that permanent freelancing brings as much instability to agencies as those stepping-up for extended temporary work.