August 14, 2008

eBay Scores Victory Over L’Oreal in Belgium

August 14th 2008

A Belgian court has dismissed L’Oreal’s complaint that eBay is responsible for counterfeits sold in its auctions. The court said that eBay does not have a “general monitoring obligation” and that it is not required to police its site to prevent counterfeiting. This is the second such recent victory for eBay. Last month, a New York […]

Olympic Committee Admits to Negotiating Internet Censorship

August 14th 2008

Kevin Gosper, chairman of the IOC’s press commission, disclosed that Olympic officials negotiated with their Chinese hosts and agreed that certain sensitive Web sites would be blocked on the basis they were not considered Games-related. This would include Chinese language versions of the BBC, Voice of America and Amnesty International. Chinese officials noted that this […]