Network management

You Deserve Faster Internet, Phone Companies Want to Block Change by Law

February 9th 2015

Phone companies have helped to put laws on near 20 states books to stop cities from providing fast, publicly-owned Internet access. Last month President Obama proposed that the FCC to strike down these rules, and guess who is fighting to block it?

Verizon CEO says Their Voice Business is Dying. Time To Go Into TV?

October 13th 2009

Okay, though he used a little more nuance, that’s the essence of what Ivan Seidenberg, Verizon’s CEO, said loud and clear in recent comments at Goldman Sachs. The issue there is perhaps it is like the dog chasing the bus a little bit. So what I need to do is get ourselves focused around the […]

Tiffany v. eBay Webinar – You’re Invited!

September 17th 2008

This is your invitation to attend a free webinar on the recent Tiffany v. eBay ruling and its impact on brands of all sizes, and those of us who support and promote them. (Since this event has already happened, please follow this link to listen and view the recorded event in its entirety, or hear […]

Linkroll: More Online Law News Than the Pan Can Handle

July 30th 2008

FCC Prepares to Punish Comcast A majority of members of the Federal Communications Commission have cast votes in favor of punishing Comcast Corp. for blocking subscribers’ Internet traffic, an agency official said Friday. ISP Ad Networking Scheme May Violate Wiretap Laws The Center for Democracy & Technology has advanced a legal theory that the practice […]

Update: Rogue Admin Returns Control of San Francisco Network

July 24th 2008

The Sanfrancisco Chronicle reports that after a secret visit by the mayor of San Francisco, the network administrator who locked the cities technology staff out of the network surrendered his password. See earlier coverage of this story. Terry Child’s defense attorney, Erin Crane, claimed that Mr. Childs was merely protecting the network from incompetent staff, […]

Wikileaks: Cuba to Bypass US Internet Embargo via Venezuela

July 22nd 2008

Last week, the whistle-blower site Wikileaks published a confidential 2006 contract in which Venezuelan and Cuban firms agreed to lay an undersea fiberoptic cable connecting the countries. The cable is to be completed by 2010. Among the agreement’s stated objectives is to build a relationship of “strategic value,” which will permit Cuba and Venezuela to […]

San Francisco City Network Held Hostage by ‘Maniacal’ Network Engineer

July 18th 2008

Terry Childs was a system administrator for the city of San Francisco’s high-speed network. According to reports, last week the disgruntled employee created a super password for the network and removed his follow administrators, effectively making himself the only person who can maintain the network. Now officials are stuck, since Mr. Childs is locked up […]

Empty Ruling Against Comcast Has Something For Everyone

July 14th 2008

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin says he wants to rule against Comcast for violating federal guidelines when it blocked and degraded Web traffic to peer-to-peer sites. Comcast reluctantly admitted to degrading peer-to-peer service after its efforts were documented by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. When the FCC scheduled a hearing to discuss this, Comcast paid people to […]

Linkroll: Links to Ideas Worth Knowing

July 12th 2008

TV’s Getting Old: The Christian Science Monitor notes that for the first time, last season’s average viewer was more than fifty years old: “If today’s TV audience were a person, it wouldn’t even be a part of the target demographic anymore.” With games and the Internet, TV simply isn’t the “first screen” for the young […]

Life on Earth to Continue Despite ICANN

July 3rd 2008

There has been commentary, criticism, and even worry about ICANN’s proposed laissez-faire policy to allow a broad range of top-level domains. Our friends at Circle ID try to calm the waters by reminding us that ICANN’s byzantine committee structure, and its tendency to avoid both conflict and even the clearest paths of action, can make […]