Cyber war

Teen Burglars Use Tabloid Smarts to Rob Celebrities

October 30th 2009

In a season where teen vampires are all the rage, can a drama following a real-life band of teen burglars looting celebrities be far behind? (For Halloween, I’ll be dressed as them!) The Net was their accomplice. The teens tracked the movements of stars such as Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton and broke into their […]

Wikileaks Cracks NATO Code: Finds Afghan Secrets

March 9th 2009

Wikileaks discovered that NATO’s communications briefs were all encrypted with the same easy-to-guess password: “progress.”  Even military-strength encryption is useless if the password can be guessed by anyone reading a campaign poster. One document, “NATO in Afghanistan: Master Narrative,” is a 30-page guide to the “story” NATO representatives are to tell, and what details should […]

US Cyber Defense is a Mess: British and French Fleets Infected by Computer Virus

March 8th 2009

Last week, the Telegraph reported that French fighter planes were grounded because they were unable to download mission data from ships infected with the Conficker virus. The same article notes that most of the British fleet was also infected. Microsoft has offered a bounty of $250,000 for the arrest of what appears to be an […]

Russian Cyber Warfare In Georgia: US Unprepared

August 15th 2008

All Your Websites Belong to Us The Christian Science Monitor analyzes the network vulnerabilities that placed Georgia, and over 100 other nations which have a network topography which puts them at risk for online attack. “The lesson here for Washington is that any modern conflict will include a cyberwarfare component, simply because it’s too inexpensive […]

Might Botnets Be Run By Spy Agencies?

May 30th 2008

If a group of kids can control hundreds of millions of machines for sending spam, shouldn’t security experts with billions of dollars from the NSA, MI6, or CSEC be tempted to do the same? Why wait to try to catch data to going over the wires when botnet programs could let agents review the data […]

Air Force Marketing Officer Downed by His Own Law Firm

March 10th 2008

As public entities, government agencies can not claim copyright on their works.  But don’t tell that to Meredith Pikser, an attorney with international law firm Reed Smith LLP.  Last week she filed a DMCA Take Down Notice against YouTube, asserting that she represented the Air Force, which owned copyright on its latest recruiting video. Turns out this […]