October 2011

Painfully Accurate Unaired SNL Sketch is a Fitting Tribute to Jobs

October 27th 2011

Have you seen SNL’s unaired skit celebrating Apple’s visionary which skewers a few of his fellow of tech and media titans? It made me smile, have a look.

Did Herman Cain Make the Worst (and Funniest) Ad in Political History?

October 26th 2011

Herman Cain’s smoking gums political ad is all the things political ads hope to avoid. Come take a look, see how this is a perfect application of Poe’s law, and join our somewhat informed discussion. ;>

Mike Lazaridis of RIM Shows the Right Way to Start an Apology

October 13th 2011

Mike Lazaridis, the founder of RIM, maker of Blackberry, apologized by video for the disruption to their normally bombproof network. This is a solid move. Consider how many other business and political leaders equivocate, rather than owning the failures and fixes that come whenever enterprises take on business risk.

The Stupid EU Cookie Law in 2½ Minutes Is Cool Content Marketing

October 13th 2011

Everyone who reads this blog should be keeping an wary eye on the EU’s laws about websites using cookies. Check out this cheeky, fast explainer on this topic – and get a great reminder of why video content is a superb way to build brands.

Netflix Reverses Course: Decides Against Poorly Considered Split-Up

October 11th 2011

Netflex has sent out another impersonal, awkward client message announcing it won’t split up the company. Instead, CEO Reed Hastings should cut a video showing people the brilliance ahead in the Netflix future, and assure subscribers that someone with vision and a steady hand is running the show.

Stay on Top of Digital Marketing (or Any Industry) via Curation

October 10th 2011

Here’s my quick introduction to why curation is a big deal in digital marketing, and how I use a free service called Paper.li to publish automatically publish a roll-up of what digital agencies are sharing on Twitter. You of course, can apply this to whatever topic you like.

Facebook Faces Class Action Lawsuit Over Tracking Cookies

October 6th 2011

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Facebook for the use of tracking cookies that records browsing history after users have logged off the service. Imagine the Winklevoss brothers with a mob of 150 million potential litigants.

Bad Advertising at Sea: Join the Navy and Endure Sorrow

October 4th 2011

Would you start a military recruiting discussion with a picture of a chaplain giving last rites to a child? The Navy’s reported $800 million multi-year contract does just that. It introduces a new brand tag line which I’d love your comment on. Not only does this represent those of us in the US, we’re paying for it. So, let me know what you think.