December 2009

Silly Foreigners, Food Liability and the Nanny State

December 31st 2009

Last month I went way off-topic to berate the British Biscuit Threat Index, and to stake out D.H. Lawrence’s premise that comparatively “the American soul is hard, isolate, stoic and a killer. It has never yet melted.” Consider, if you will: The British food chain, Asda, has begun printing the warning “contains milk” on its […]

China Prevents All Individuals from Registering “.cn” Domain Names: Yikes!

December 28th 2009

What will they know of China, who only “.cn” know? The Associated Press reports that China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has posted requirements that all “.cn” china domains be issued only to registered businesses. AP’s coverage also says that any sites that have not registered with the ministry will be “taken off the […]

2010 Prediction: Digital Marketing IPOs Up

December 27th 2009

There’s pent-up demand on both the buy and sell side for fast growing tech firms to IPO. I say this while noting that my favorite local search company, ReachLocal, has filed for a  $100M IPO. (see Reuters coverage.) This shouldn’t be a surprise. They were #1 on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™(PDF).  Their investors, VantagePoint Venture […]

More Innovitive Legal Advertising: Firm Offers “Divorce Gift Vouchers”

December 26th 2009

Mistresses and Mothers-In-Law are getting in line at Lloyd Platt & Co which says they have had hundreds of inquiries since offering discounted vouchers for half-hour or hour-long divorce planning sessions with their lawyers.  The firm also has a recipe section, so you can get cooking tips from your divorce attorney. See details in Reuters […]

If Lawyers Can’t Protect You From Robots, Sam Waterstone Can

December 20th 2009

With huge props to Andy Sweet it only follows that if personal injury lawsuits for robot injury is in our future, so must be an ad by Sam Waterstone selling Robot Attack insurance to to scared old people. Its funny, and strikes home to those of us in the lead generation business.  Thanks, Andy!

Our Best Defense Against Robots May Be Lawyers

December 12th 2009

Robots are real. We know this at some level.  MIT is developing robot lets that can run and jump, the Christian Science Monitor describes how some can recover from stumbles. Imagine how that might help in fighting fires or battles.  Now imagine what go wrong. There is a level of  “Danger, Will Robinson”, and lawyers […]

Twittering and Facebooking from the Altar

December 4th 2009

Not one, but two of the fantastic people I get to work with on our digital team are getting married. You’ll probably not see either of them do this, but this couple pulls a bit of a social media stunt as part of their nuptials. Of course there are worse things one can do at […]

Under Pressure, Law Firm Pulls Down Disgusting Legal Advertising

December 4th 2009

Congratulations, and thanks to you, Lindeman, Alvarado, & Frye, the law firm several hundred of you have helped hector, has pulled down the images we called the worst advertising ever. It was amazing to see some of you commenting them on their site with Google Sidewiki, and advocating in social media for what amounts to […]

Free Book Download: Dr. Margaret Hagen’s Whores of the Court

December 1st 2009

Back in the day when I was studying Lay Epistemology, a theory in social psych, Margaret Hagen held a lot of the cool in Boston University’s psychology department. She is the type of researcher who is rigorous, sarcastic, and unafraid to bite the hand that feeds her. Which means she’s fun and a smart read. […]